EP Release Winter 2016

Oklahoma based, six-piece rock band, Massey, originated in Pottowatomie Co. where five of the six members attended university. The guys were already invested in a four-piece rock band and the gals performed original work in the local scene. What started as a genuine respect for each other’s musicianship grew into hearty friendship, and in merging talents, they formed Massey.

In a house on Midland Dr. the six began sharing original music and eventually writing songs together—inspired by the landscape, family legends, and shared culture-rich State.

Over the years, the guys and gals of Massey have experienced true life together: graduations, break-ups, road trips, the dinner table, family reunions, marriages, children, new cities, new homes, new jobs, gardens, businesses, etc.

In this season, the six still write together, perform together, and do life together.


Image: Allison Mims