EP Release Winter 2016

About the Album Art

This EP’s album art takes inspiration from a clearing on a trail where I used to ride my bike. This landscape sustained wildflowers in the Spring and a group of doe + fawn in the Fall. Most evenings, I observed this little family just before sunset, returning from my ride around a nearby lake. The album art captures one of these rides. A rainstorm threatened, and I raced the clouds to make it home before being soaked.

There is a beautiful tension that builds before first drop. It's like the natural tensions life presents: We hope to make progress. Circumstances hold us back. We fight to pass down beautiful legacies to our children and their children. But we soon realize we can't change the entire world for them. 

With some patience and growth, our desires mature and our goals are refined. And in some cases, our dreams become serendipitous reality.

Massey’s music, the stories we tell, exist in these tensions and explores their resolve. 

Massey’s very own, Lucas Simmons, translated my photograph to an oil painting for this EP project. See more of his fine work on Lucas Simmons Art. 


Leah Palmer