EP Release Winter 2016

Making the EP

Six years in, Massey has finally documented their work in a self-titled EP.

Wrapped in the dreamy sounds that can only be made by the six, stories drive the content of each track. In “Be Sure The Rows Are Even,” songwriter, Lauren Palmer, lets the audience into an intimate moment between a dying elder and her young grandson. Offering a sentimental and tender element, mandolinist, Leah Palmer, subtly gives sound to the breath of the elder.

Often times, Massey has been characterized as “cinematic,” which can be heard in “Texas” and “Sowing Season." With songwriters Weston Fite and Lucas Simmons at the helm, the second track is rich in grit and honesty, boasting a charging guitar solo from the legendary Lucas Simmons.

When workshopping the five songs on Massey’s first EP, the six came together with intentions to develop old songs give life to new work. It was in those workshops that bassist, Ethan Workman, and drummer, Nick Simmons, approached the task with critical ears ensuring that “Christopher,” In same vein, “A Memoir and Plea,” and others would never be lacking in intrigue and true artistry.

Lauren Palmer