EP Release Winter 2016

"Memoir and Plea"

“Memoir and Plea” is simply a man reflecting on and telling his bride how and when he fell in love with her. Saying “I love you” is a common and meaningful phrase, but rarely do we know the many reasons why and how someone came to love us. In this man’s case, he's spilling all of those thoughts and memories because the relationship is fading. Although it may be too late, he's finally letting her know what he should have been sharing from the beginning.

For me, music is the best way to communicate an experience, belief, or story. We're all on the same planet and experiencing much of the same things. Is there a better way to share with people in those experiences? Reciting poems, getting lost staring into a piece of art, and being wrapped up in a novel are all great ways to allow art to affect our lives, but no one is as passionate as when they are singing.

Weston Fite